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Please register for DIBS prior to claiming DIBS

Claim Volunteer (Dibs) Shifts

If you are already registered on the website please click here to claim volunteer (Dib) shifts.

STMA Girls Basketball is using the DIBS system to schedule and manage our TRAVEL TEAMS volunteer opportunities (In-House participants are not required to fulfill volunteer hours). Our travel teams are require to volunteer 8 hours per player and 6 hours for 10 or more players. 



NGIN, the creator of the STMA Girls Basketball Dibs Module has a number of websites in the Saint Michael - Albertville area.   If you have an web account with the any of the NGIN websites, you should use that SAME account name and password for the STMA Girls Basketball Dibs Registration.


I have not been receiving emails regarding volunteer shifts?

The volunteer coordinator periodically sends out notifications that DIBS volunteer shifts are either coming out soon or available.  If you have not received any notifications you may not be registered properly or your email address is listed wrong.  Please review your registration again.

How come there are no dib items to claim for volunteer shifts?



If you see a screen shot like the one to the left, that means there are currently no shifts available.  The Volunteer Coordinator will send emails as more shifts become available.