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10,000 Shot Club Form-

Below is the 10,000 shot club form for any girl interested in tracking their summer progess. You can start getting your shots in now! Forms are due back by September 15th to any high school coach. 


1st-8th Grade Summer Basketball Information and Forms

High School Summer Basketball Information

Coaches V. Cancer Night January 5th 2016 for Tucker Helstrom


The wonderful communities of St. Michael & Albertville held a spectacular event in Tucker’s honor last night. The Girls’ High School basketball team dedicated their game to Tucker and the game included raffles that raised money for Tucker’s benefit, prizes for Tucker (including a personalized Wild jersey & Wild tickets) and LOTS of orange! Many, if not most, of the fans had “Team Tucker Go” t-shirts on. While we initially thought Tucker might not feel well enough to stay for the whole game, there was no way he was going to willingly leave this amazing event that was devoted to him! With his loyal friends and family close by his side all night, he had a constant smile on his face and he stayed until the VERY end! The highlights are too numerous to mention, but my favorite had to be when, immediately following the Star Spangled Banner, the entire team posed for a mid-court photo with Tucker and our family, while his favorite song “Fight Song” blared. If there was a dry eye in the audience, I didn’t see it! Tucker enjoyed all the high-fives and “go Tucker” greetings from all of you- he felt “famous” and HAPPY. Happy moments are worth more than gold to us right now- thank you!

 I cannot thank the STMA Girls’ basketball team (coaches, parents and players), my amazing colleagues (and Principal) in the STMA school District, our neighbors and the entire STMA community!  Last night’s was an event that Tucker and our family will never forget- we are so grateful.  Thank you so much!


Thank You

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Upcoming Fundraisers!

Great and Simple Fundraiser! Space Aliens will donate 20% of all sales (must present flyer) on Sundays from November through March! 


The mission of the STMA Girls Basketball Club (STMA GBC) is to provide the girls in our communities the opportunity to develop, learn, and enjoy the game of basketball at a competitive level. Our goal is at all levels, to provide an environment that encourages good sportsmanship, in a fun, healthy, and competitive playing environment, that allows players to grow not only as basketball players, but also as people. This will be accomplished through not only a focus on teaching skill development and the understanding of the game of basketball, but also through promoting hard work, dedication, and good sportsmanship.



The Philosophy of the STMA GBC embodies a basketball structure of teaching, developing, competing and striving to win for all student athletes. Success is more about just wins and losses, it’s about building life values and character. These qualities include honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, and unselfishness.  STMA GBC actively promotes and supports girls’ basketball through four key principles; 1) Respect, 2) Work Hard, 3) Have Fun, and 4) No “I” in Team. These elements provide the foundation for our Mission and Philosophy, applicable at all competitive levels, without exception.

STMA Girls Basketball News

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